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NEW MOON JUNE 13, 2018 at 22 degrees GEMINI

If you’ve been thinking about writing a blog or book or starting a pod cast-NOW is the time to do it! The New Moon is the time to kick off new ventures and this new moon in Gemini, increases your ability to communicate clearly! 
This New Moon is conjunct several beneficial Fixed Stars. The Star Capella brings wealth, renown and honor and the Star El Nath brings success in business. Take time to share your knowledge and expertise with others and you could be richly rewarded! 
Venus, the planet of beauty and love enters the magnetic, sexual sign of Leo on the same day as the New Moon! For you lovebird couples it means enjoying more exciting times together and Singles seeking mates should get outside and do anything under the Sun-hit the beach or the golf course. Venus is in Leo until July 12th so get out and have some fun!

Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, Two Sad Suicides
I want to first point out that astrologers cannot look at a birth chart and see a suicide, we can see mental health challenges but that does not determine how you will deal with it! There needs to be multiple aspects in a transiting chart to indicate a death. There is never one specific thing that points to the timing or how of death. If you have any of the same aspects in your chart-please don't freak out! Each chart is completely unique and there are multiple ways in which a transiting angle can be perceived. It is always easier to look back than to predict!

This has been a sad week with two celebrities taking their own lives. Fashion designer Kate Spade and Chef & Food writer Anthony Bourdain both died by hanging. Spooky to note that the planet Uranus (rebelious and unpredictable energy) just moved into Taurus (which rules the throat and neck).
Each one of these individuals had challenging T-Squares in their birth charts. Kate Spade had Jupiter and the asteroid Chiron (the "wounded healer") opposing Pluto and Uranus and square to her Moon. This is a very challenging aspect. When Pluto and Uranus are conjunct in a chart it can point to anxiety issues. When those planets are opposing Jupiter, the pressure can feel overwhelming and out of control. The squares to the Moon means she experienced very deep feelings. The day of her death transiting Saturn was conjunct her natal Sun possibly making her feel depressed and hopeless. Transiting Venus is opposing her natal Mercury, meaning she may not have been able to verbalize her feelings and she could have felt restricted in her marriage. She also had transiting Jupiter conjunct her progressed Neptune which can be a great transit for creativity but can also be a very confusing time. Lastly she had transiting Neptune conjunct her progressed Jupiter-a double whammy with the above mentioned transit; it could have released a compelling urge to escape from reality. Although she looked like she "had it all" to most of us, she obviously had some deep injury to her soul. I hope she has found the peace she was seeking.

Anthony Bourdain also has a challenging T-Square in his birth chart. His Moon at 0 degrees Aquarius is opposing Uranus at 0 degree Leo and both are square to Neptune (planet of addiction). Zero degree of any planet means you came here to learn about that energy, so part of Anthony's life journey was to learn to detach from his emotions (Moon) and to utilize the spark and creativity of Leo in inventive ways. I believe he accomplished the later but maybe not the emotions. His chart implicates he was very sensitive with the Sun in Cancer conjunct Venus. On his TV shows he loved connecting with other cultures through food-he felt it was a sacred bond. Neptune is the planet with the most aspects, therefore the most challenging! Neptune represents many wonderful things like spirituality, creativity and fluidity but it also represents addiction. Anthony was very open about his prior addiction to heroin and cocaine. He was strong enough to beat them both. The day of his death he had transiting Saturn opposing his natal Sun, which can cause depressing thoughts or feeling limited in some way. (one should keep in mind that this is a temporary and passing phase!) He also had transiting Uranus conjunct his progressed Moon, so it feels very unplanned and spontaneous. He may have gotten some unexpected difficult news prior to his suicide that felt overwhelming. It is truly sad that he could not ask for help. I personally so enjoyed his intense lust to experience the world and his raw honesty. I will miss him. 
Both of these individuals left behind young daughters, family and friends that loved them dearly. I hope you can join me in sending them love and healing.
If you or anyone you know needs help-please reach out and call the national suicide prevention hotline. They are there to help! 1-800-273-8255