​"When I told you I was going to New York to see a Broadway play-you told me that I would get to meet Hugh Jackman; the star of the show. I laughed and thought wouldn't that be nice! Well, I had to let you know that not only did I get to meet him but I got his autograph and a kiss on the cheek!"   


"I came for a reading two weeks ago and you told me that I would get a chunk of money from some real estate. At the time I did not know what that could be. Two days later I received a letter from the county in Atlanta where I own a home and they offered me $16,000.00 for a small section of my property so they could widen the road! I negotiated and ended up with $18,000.00!  Thank You Katherine!"      



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"Katherine has been my Intuitive Consultant for several years. I believe that she enriches my life with her insight and advice. Her guidance has helped me make important business decisions and to be more at ease with life changing ones. She especially has a gift for numbers. Recently I asked her when a property I owned would sell-she told me in April-that was 6 weeks away. We had an interested party and it seemed like a long time but true to form Katherine was right. We experienced several delays and ended up closing on April 1st! Katherine is truly gifted-you can trust her!"


"Katherine has a unique and very special gift of connecting with the person she reads for. You will feel completely comfortable with her. She has provided me with valuable and accurate information that I have applied in my career and personal life.

I have great trust in the gift that God has blessed her with."